Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 25 - The frustrated go shopping!

Sven and I woke up this morning frustrated at the lack of control we have over our lives while we're here. We're still waiting for news on our documents and timing is getting tight. We need them back in Petro by the 29th in order to go to court before Dec. 30th. If not, one little licence will have expired and it may need to be resent to Canada, thus delaying us another 2.5 weeks. Enough said... you can read between the lines.

We have been in this process for 3 years now...and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is also that much more difficult...We now have met her...our dearest little girl... and we can't wait to begin our lives as a family. We know that in the grand scheme of things, what is two more weeks' delay when we have been patient for so long...but...we have been patient for so long. We have wanted this badly for so long. Sven said that when he looks at Mlle O and is sooo happy, he has to pinch himself since it feels somewhat surreal.

So...after ranting to Cindy this morning (ah yes...she thinks we've been the supportive ones...she has yet to realize how much they have been supporting us in all of this!!!)...we took her advice and hit the shops! She was right...making those first new purchases for Mlle O made us realize how lucky we are...We have met a beautiful and sweet little girl.

Yannik and I played secret Santa and had fun sneeking in some shopping for Papa. We bought momentoes of Petro for the little one. So, apart from shopping...what does one do to ease the pain... chocolate and sweets of course ;0)) Sven was quite a happy man by the time we came back.

We're also happy to report that things are finally settling in for the Lajoys...hearts are melting and a family of 5 may soon be a family of 7!!! I can't wait for all of our girls to meet each much to look forward to... We just have to remind ourselves of that!!!

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