Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 9 - Mlle O. meets the doctor

Hmmm...not as pleasant a meeting as with Caillou. She cried pretty much throughout the exam....Poor thing. It was also nap time, so she wasn't too impressed at being dragged at the airport for a medical exam. Everything appeared ok. Have to admit...this took amazing preparation. The Dr. flew in from Almaty, ran to us and proceeded to find the airport's first aid room. She examined Mlle. O., briefly discussed the results with us.. and off she went..reboarding the same plane! The whole thing lasted 30 minutes....There is only one flight a day, so she had only minutes to do her stuff before catching the plan back to Almaty. Have to love it!!! Irina pulled it off for us...kuddos to her ;0))) Mlle. O was accompanied by my favorite nurse. She is so kind to her. We had a chance to talk to her "through" Irina. She told us that Mlle O. is very picky about who she chooses to go. She does not go to all the nurses. She was so happy that she comes so freely to us. A very good sign. She also told us that everyone has been commenting on how Yannik is such an attentive and loving boy and that he will be an amazing big brother. We are very proud of him. He knew that his sister didn't like being poked by the doctor and was holding her hand and telling her that it was ok.

After our meeting, we went to the pizza house for some yummy lentil soup and then came back to the apartment to finish our "Christmas mural". Yannik and I have been working very hard every day and I think we've finally finished it! I wish we could take it back home with us - it would bring back fond memories.


Michele said...

Wow, what an exciting day for everyone. I'm glad everything seems to be okay with Mlle O. Another check in the done column.
I love the mural. Take lots of pictures. When you get home turn the pictures into ornaments for your future trees.
I made a mural like that while I was in Faculty of Ed. and I made ornaments with the fabric transfers.

Sheila said...

I cried with todays post!Talking about what a great big brother your son is brought back wonderful memories of XiuZhu And Dastan's time in Kaz. So glad all went well witrh the exam, another milestone! One step closer! Please post pictures of your finished mural. I kept some of XiuZhu art work that she did while we were in Kaz and I am having it framed. Alot were pics of our family with rainbows and hearts-very cute!!

Keep the post and pictures coming.
Hugs for all four of you!
Take Care

Philippe said...


Je suis tellement contente que tout c'est bien deroule. Ca ca fait vite mais je suis confiante dans ce medecin et je pense que vous pouvez vous fier sur elle. Tout tombe en place! Lynne

Diane said...

Talk about precision timing!! That's amazing.

The mural is awesome, are you painting it on the wall or is it all drawing that you have posted on the wall?

I am enjoying your journey immensely!


Yael said...

Wonderful mural! happy to see everyhting is going well...Yael