Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 22 - Goldilocks!

Our little one has quite the personality....and it's a pleasure getting to know her better and better. She simply is now comfortable teasing us silly. I take it as a very good sign of intelligence ;0) She knows that she has the upper hand since Sven keeps telling her how cute she is!!! Today, another sweet milestone for him...she caressed his hair and face and gave him a love tap after he made funny faces at her. She just looks up at him and makes this face like "I know better" or "come on Papa". Irina and I just laughed the entire visit. She is indeed very precious.

Today, Mlle. O. tried chair after chair, different combinations of chair heights and locations and just giggling to herself through an entire selection of chairs. I would like to think that she just preferred our laps - where she finally settled. I told Irina that it reminded me of Goldilocks and the three bears :)

Her language skills continue to improve. Irina pointed out new words to us and thinks that she is even saying "oui"...funny, I would have thought that her first French word would have been "non"!!! Perhaps it is because she brings the box of cereal or the banana to either of us and says what sounds like "oui?" She then tilts her her head to one side and just looks expectantly at you. Hard to resist not giving her another treat...Boy does she have us eating out of the palm of her hands.

It's a beautiful winter day here today...huge snowflakes and milder temperatures. Sven and I are going to walk over to the Pizza House to meet the Lajoys. Today, we exchanged the boys back and forth during our respective visits at the plenty of fun for them as well. Yannik is now with them at their much larger appartment! I think our place is pretty tiny in comparison, but the Lajoy boys all settled in on the couch, played and then watched Superman.

( to Pizza House we go....By the way - the carrot salad at the Pizza House is soooo yummy!!! At least this time around, I feel like we are eating alot better...more nutritious food between all those pastries. I'll post pictures when I get the chance - the markets are rows and rows of candy counters... I've never seen anything like's sugar overload!! Plus, the packaging is so beautiful...hard to pass it up!)

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Philippe said...

So good to hear that Mlle O is making new sounds and words! Too cute! Yannik seems like he has made some good new friends! Lynne