Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 10 - Mlle O. loves to eat!!

Be it known...there is another eater in the Oborn family! No surprise for the Oborn clan... I think that father and daughter will most likely bond over food! The look of pure pleasure she gives us when we give her a little treat... pure bliss!!!! We had another really nice visit and are happy to report that she wasn't too rushed into going back today... In fact, she was trying to run away when we told her it was time to go ;0)))

It was such a beautiful snowy day in Petro - very mild and beautiful snowflakes! We went out for a bit during the early evening to see the sights...and catch a few rides!! You got love this.. rides in the snow. Yannik had a blast! It was pure magic tonight...that lovely peaceful feeling in the air. Can't wait to take Mlle O. on one of these rides too!!!!

I decided to post a few pictures of a typical day (routine) here. After breakfast (pasta and ketchup for Yannik if you can believe it - the only thing he will eat!), the day begins with school and laundry (you have to do it every day - the machine is sooo tiny and there is no dryer). Then, lunch and our visit to Mlle. O. We usually try to go out in the afternoon. And, yes, between school and the mural, I've been making jewelry to occupy my time in the evening while Sven deals with the cooking (I won't touch the stove...too intimidating!). The picture of the plate is Sven's attempt at pancakes with our camping meal. I know I don't look too impressed since it looked disgusting..but thankfully was actually really yummy! Kuddos to our talented cook who works between shifts in the "galley" ;0))


Philippe said...

Yannik looks like he is having a grand old time! It is definitly more christmassy over there - in Moncton still no snow on the ground - lots of rain yesterday! Lynne

Becki Stone said...

I love the snow angel picture! He looks like he is having a blast! I'm so happy to hear things are going well!

Michele said...

I love the outdoor shots. The ride looks just right for Yannik.
Good to hear everything is going so well with Mlle O.
Wow, 10 days finished already! time is flying.

Sheila said...

LOVE the pictures!! We are now getting snow!! We were in M tonight for the adoption Christmas party and got to spend time with our other Kaz cutie and family! It was a wonderful time. Can't wait for us all to get together!
Keep the post and pictures coming!!
Take Care