Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 16 - Talking more

Happy to report that we are noticing that Mlle O is really trying to make more and more sounds. I thought I recognized a few words here and there....She said mama again, but only when she wants food! She's so funny. She's quite the tease. She waits for Sven to built towers only to smash them and then look up to laugh at him. Same with me... she knows if she calls me Mama, I get all happy and then will give her food! Pretty smart cookie, the little one!

We bring our photo album with us every day and she keeps pointing at Yannik and just laughs. I think she is starting to realize that we really do love her. I was just telling my mom how much she beams...she seems soooo she just can't believe it... I am talking alot to her and she makes sounds we are encouraged. Lynne - I think you're right...she understands everything around her...she communicates...she just needs to learn the words!

I went to the optician and found a pair of glasses that they can prepare in one hour once I give them my prescription. Phew! I'll have to preview them online ;0)) They look quite similar to my old ones.... and about the same price...another phew!

I gave Mlle O. the promised banana today and she didn't complain...though she did look in the backpack to see if we had some more food ;0))

She once again sat on Sven's lap while we read. Today, we spent at least a good 30 minutes telling her the names of all the animals in the book. She's quite attentive. She points with her little finger and says hmph! She is very calm little observant of everything, though she does like it when we bounce her up and down in our arms (a good work out!).

This afternoon, we also got to spend some good quality time with the Lajoy boys at the Pizza House. They are so sweet. We had great conversation. It was so much fun to listen to Yannik and the boys discuss life in general you know: Santa Clause, parties, toys and of course, Star Wars...;0)) We got quite a bit of good footage to share with them.


Philippe said...

Ah! We are so happy for Yannik that he has new friends! This will be so good for him! And for you too!

Mlle O seems to be shining more and more! I cannot wait to see her in person! And it sounds like Sven has won her over - it has to be special to know that you are no doubt the first man to hold her! Good job Papa!

You did a pretty good job fixing those glasses Jocelyne!

Yeah I'm with Mlle O with the food - I'm definitely on her side on that one! Bananas are good!

Take care! Lynne

leblanmt said...

J'ai failli mourir de rire quand j'ai vu la photo de tes lunettes! Trop comique! Mais tout est bien qui fini bien!

Tout semble super bien se passer de votre côté! J'ai bien hâte de voir des photos. Elle a l'air très mignonne, Mlle O!

À bientôt, j'espère!

M, K et Anne-Sophie