Saturday, December 12, 2009

My purchases!

Petro style! I couldn't pass this one up...It was so beautiful, locally made - the ladies knit in their shops and just so typical of Petro....It reminds me of winter and snow!!!

Mllo O's first hat - from Petro as well. They have the loveliest hat shops. We each bought one. The hats are incredible here... a show more beautiful than the next... I'll try to photographs some...but it is a tad difficult...especially when people are walking so rapidly in the cold!!! One thing for sure...fur is BIG in Petro.....

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Philippe said...

Nice buys! You seem to be having lots of fun shopping! Do they play christmas music (New Year music I guess!)? I'm curious about the holiday traditions. Keep having fun! Lynne, Philippe, Gabriel and Aisaule