Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 20: Lost in translation!

Today's visit was absolutely wonderful. Mlle O was excited to see us and our afternoon was full of heartfelt laughter. She is now imitating all of our sounds...but the most wonderful word of the day: PAPA!!!!!!!!!!!! She and Sven are now the best of buddies.... She went back into his arms...He bounced her up and down (thankfully...since it was getting heavy for me even though she's a lightweight). Today, she looked at a picture of our house, pointed with that little finger of hers and said "dom". I squeeled in delight: dom = home!!! We are cherishing each of these moments and are so thankful that she is accepting us.

One of her caretakersher told us today that she knows when we arrive and she plans ahead of time..she puts on her shoes and points to the door ;0))) Today, she repeated Mamma quite a few times and just laughs since she knows that it makes me happy. She is quite careful though...some women were decorating the playroom and they tried to interact with her and she really shrunk back in my arms and turned her head away. The women laughed and said, yes... now she has her momma! She seems to be attempting one word syllables, but unfortunately, everything remains lost in translation for the time being.

Ah... but sometimes being lost in translation turns out for the best. The story of my new glasses... It was a necessity..but I did cringe at paying $500 for them. Well... as those who know me can attest to... math is not my forte...but I do pride myself at being pretty good with languages...but...when the two mix, it's just too much! To our pleasant surprise, the $500 turned out to be $50. That was a very happy "oup"s!!! For that price, Sven is now thinking of getting himself a pair of glasses as well!!!

Our dearest son had a first in Kazkahstan too...he had his first sleepover with our new friends, the Lajoys. He keeps talking about everything they did and how much fun he had with their three boys. We are so happy to have them here. Last summer, we were pretty much isolated....this time we know how blessed we are to have another family here...for talking, moral support and just having fun! We hope that they find their child very very soon....we know how difficult this journey can be... and how rewarding it will be when the right child finds her way to them.


Philippe said...

Sounds like the whole family is having fun! What a treat to hear her new words! Maybe she was just waiting for the right people to share with!

Thank you so much for the info on the holidays traditions - you get pieces here and there and it is all starting to make sense! We will include some of the 12 foods on our christmas day - some are pretty easy - the red wine for example! Lynne

Michele said...

I love the idea of Mlle O putting on her shoes and pointing at the door is delightful. I also love the picture of her 'hiding' her face into you to stay away from other women. YEAH, YEAH. And she likes her daddy, another YEAH. What a special time and thank you for sharing with us all!

Pat and Alli said...

Glad to see and hear that all is going so well. I'm now thinking about getting new glasses when we're in Kazakhstan. Hopefully that will be soon.

Best wishes.


(p.s.-I am inspired to head to the gym to exercise. The word verification below is "flabi". I didn't know our could personalize these!)

Philippe said...

Happy upcoming independence day! Lynne and Philippe