Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 15 - Late in posting!

Hi there. We have been struggling with power outages over the last two days. Unfortunately, the last one seems to have impacted our high speed internet. At least we are now able to use the dial up.

It appears that we may be able to continue visiting Mlle O. on a daily basis...though...we are now required to wear facial masks!!! I wondered when they were going to bring that up. I have plenty, as my friends from work, will confirm and tease me about...but, I guess it was good forthought. Irina brought it up with us yesterday. We had brougth proof of vaccinations for the three of us, and that is still not enough. I can't wait to see Mlle. O's reaction when she sees the three of us come in dressed up for Halloween!

On another note, I have finally revealed myself for the geek that I am. (hence, Picture of Jocelyne the Geek) Mlle O. broke my glasses yesterday... not just a bit... completely broken and unrepairable...Geez... how I love those glasses. I had the bad habit of taking them off and leaving them in my bag so that she could touch my face...well, you guessed it, she inadvertently stepped on our bag. Irina is going to try to take us to an optician today...from the looks here, perhaps I'll be ablet to find a cool pair of Russian glasses...kind of dreading seeying the costs of these things, though.

We have another really nice visit yesterday and to Sven's delight...he held his daughter for the first time...we def. took pictures of that milestone....She was beaming up at him, touched his face and grinned. Sven was stunned... Last night, he was so thoughtful.. I had to ask and laughed at his reflexion.... He was musing the fact that he was probably the first male in her life to hold her....Pretty special moment for us!!!

To those asking, I think that Mlle. O is actually in 18 months. From her measurements, I thought for sure 12 months.. could it be that she is actually growing before our eyes!! Oh... and by the way, Lynne... I did sneak in some cookies and got "good loving for it" :)) but then got in trouble. Her skin reacts to excess sugar (they are infant cookies but we did notice that sugar was the second ingredient). Earlier this week, her face had a small rash... and I wondered if she has fallen. Oups!!! Today, we'll bring a banana ;0)) Hopefully she won't be too disappointed.

We had lunch again with the Lajoy family and are really have a great time getting to know their whole family. It's so much fun to have someone to talk to, discuss things... and well....just chit chat. They are a great family and Yannik has found new friends to be silly with ;0)) He is hoping to have a sleep over with them very soon. Perhaps this weekend, we can try to get together for a longer period of time... So far, each of our families has been rusing to meet before going to meet our respective gals... It would be nice to just sit and unwind ;0))

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