Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 18 - Sightseeying in Siberia

This morning, the three of us decided that we wanted to venture out in the freezing cold in order to indulge in our favorite weekend treat: pancakes and REAL coffee at our favorite cafe. WOW...seeying the sights in Siberian cold is a tad challenging and not for the faint of hearts. That warm coffee was really rewarding!

We also got a chance to do a bit of shopping before being picked up to go see our gal. She was so excited to see me when I opened the door to their room. We kinda let out a mutual sigh of relief...we were all back together! We were all pretty sad yesterday since we hadn't seen her...You get "attached" to each other pretty quickly.
Another good sign...we threw some of the blocs we were playing with to make some kind of makeshift "top"/toupie. She observed for a few minutes and then began attempting to do the same thing... basically imitating us!! She remembers everything we now we have a routine: saying hello to all the pictures of girls and boys in the room, going to look out the window, playing with certain items... and then of course, "cooing" for food. Sven's no fool.. She ran to him and sat on his lap when she heard him open up the little snack bottle ;0))) She is so much more vocal these days... She is even surprising us by the amount of babbling..She's seems coherent in her sounds - they are sounding more and more like it's a matter of figuring each other's languages ;0))) She sure understands Russian! We'll have to put Irina on speed dial once we are home!!!

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