Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 26 - She sings and claps!

Perhaps we have a musician in the family....The little one entertained us today. We all hummed jingle bells together....ok...perhaps she had her own version, but we cought it all on tape nonetheless ;0)) She also likes to clap. Sven had never witnessed her do it and wondered if she did... and two minutes later, she did so with no prompting...just happy with herself ;0))) Actually, she pulled quite the capper. She likes to take Sven's glasses and attempt to try them on.

She also caressed Sven's hair today again...another little highlight that brings so much's always those little gestures. For me, it's when she nestles in my arms and puts her head on my can tell how comfortable she feels.

We are running out of ideas on how to entertain her in that playroom...there is only so much you can do...never realized how much fun one could have stacking and unstacking chairs. She is quite pleased with herself! Today, we walked down a different hallway just to do add a little bit of spice!! It's part of our routine to say privyet (hello) to all the pictures hung on the wall of the today we had different pictures to say hello to... a BIG adventure ;0))

Mlle O. had yet another rash on her face today...We were told to avoid "red" foods as well as sweets since they are not sure what is triggering it. We have been giving her bananas... I don't know what to think. I can't wait to get her assessed for allergies when we get back home. Gee... can't imaging being able to avoid all sweets... we certainly haven't been giving her red foods. I don't know how we'll feed her once she's in our care. She and 3 others are on a special diet... I think we'll just follow that until we know what is triggering this rash.

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