Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 14 - One mandatory step completed!

We finished our mandatory 2 week bonding requirement!! Now we are free to apply to court. We're not sure if we will be able to do so right away since our documents are not in order. We're seeying to that. They have been resent to Canada. We're hoping that we can still secure a court date and then file our documents once they are back.

Mlle O is showing some attitude!!! Since I was scolded yesterday, I decided not to give her as much food...Well...that's not what she's used to. She was none to happy to see me refuse her food. In French "elle m'a boudée" ;0)) (snubbed me and tried to be miss independant) I still won her over though ;0)) Sven managed to briefly hold her again today. They were also playing the "staring into each other eyes" today....so cute..she was giggling and touching his unshaven face.

After 14 days, we know in our hearts that she is our little girl... She may or may not have some health challenges down the road, but it is an unknown...We are still looking into her medicals...but I think that nothing is ever garanteed...We are just looking to make peace with that.

Now we prepare for court. We were asked her name....and still haven't decided!!! Irina tried out one name on her and she responded with a "yip" and "ahhhhh".

We finally met up with the Lajoy's this morning.... and Yannik was extremely happy to have met friends to play with and chit chat... and so were we!!! When I asked Yannik what they discussed, he said it was a big secret! Go figure! We met up at the Pizza House and have a very nice but quick lunch so that we could each go meet our little gals. We expect that this will be the first of many meals with them at Pizza House ;0) It was so nice to sit down and talk!

Stubborn Canadians - we decided to brave the cold and walk back from the market....Brrrr. The cold here is different from back home. Bitter wind tunnels. Deep freaze winter - perhaps like an extremely cold January day back home. Yannik's cheak's were beet red once we arrived back to the apt....so now we're cuddling and trying to warm up.

I've included a picture of Yannik's creation at the baby house's game room. He likes to build these things and then play hide and seek. Mlle O. got into it today and found him in there!


Diane said...

Holy cow that time seems to have flown past (from this side of the workd anyway!). Congrats on finishing up the bonding period, I hope your paperwork issues get resolved quickly and a court date is issued pronto!!


Michele said...

Oh that those dreaded paperwork trails followed you all the way there. One would think that would be the least of your troubles. Here's to a quick solution and an early court date.
It sounds like Mlle O and Yannik are becoming little play mates, how wonderful.

Cindy LaJoy said...

So glad you guys are here with us!! Love spending time with you all :-)