Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 17 - Housecalls!!

We just went through the most bizarre experience at the apt. The doorbell rang and a very nicely dressed woman began speaking very quickly in Russian, seeming to know all about us. She kept saying Canadian...We said "Da" (yes) and quickly gave Irina a call to see what was going on. The stranger kept gesturing like we were sick. Have to admit to being somewhat nervous....not knowing what was going on. But...she was a woman.. and nicely dressed...couldn't be that bad.

Turned out to be a doctor! Ah...housecalls in Kaz. She wanted to make sure that we were not sick with H1N1. Irina explained through the phone that we had been vaccinated. We laughed quite a bit since nobody could understand each other.. She kept saying "normal"..da da. Phew!!! She even squeezed my shoulder to show that she was a good sport. I know I was paranoid about the flu before coming overseas since we didn't want to get sick and then see our plan fall through...but have to admit, really hadn't given it much thought since our arrival. Guess my paraoia paid off though..we are vaccinated and I brought proof of it, so hopefully that will reassure them once and for all.

On a lighter note, Cindy and I had a good time shopping through the maze of shops at the Iceberg today. We did a little bit of Christmas shopping....I have to admit to indulging in a few purchases for Mlle O. Not used to shopping for a girl....oh ho... great fun!!! Some bits were hilarious though.. the two of us with our broken Russian trying to be understood. I get in the end, all that matters is the price!!! We are planning on meeting up with them again for supper tonight.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to visit with Mlle O. today...but we can return tomorrow. I really missed her cooing sounds :( I think it's crucial to see her the most possible so that she can see that we are going to be the constant caretakers...Hopefully we can try to convince them of the importance, but we have to abide by the baby house rules. The director and staff have been more than kind and generous to us.

Irina said that she had filed our application with the court despite not having all of our paperwork in order. The judge told her to just give her a call when the papers arrive...sounds promising!!

On that note, we wish everyone a nice weekend!


Diane said...

Sounds like everything is going better than planned! It all sounds very promising indeed.

Great thinking on the proof of the H1N1, I'll have to get a something from our Dr.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Philippe said...

Housecalls - only in Kaz! It is a bit nerve wrecking to have someone arrive at your door and not understand what is going on! I felt for you!

I had Aisaule vaccinated yesterday - well today she was the sickess I have seen her yet! Fever for first time and coughing, soar leg! I'm sure she is not impressed with our idea of prevention! I always wondered how she would let us know if she did not feel good - well she is quit clear! Poor thing! Anyways way to go for you for thinking so far ahead! Lynne

Cindy LaJoy said...

We have you beat on the flu check..not only did we get checked at the apartment today when your friends came by :-) but we also were pulled into the medical office at the orphanage and once again asked about the flu!!!