Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 13 - That comfortable feeling

We're really beginning to feel at home in our surroundings, our routine and with Mlle O. It just feels easy to be with her. Today, we "tried less" since it's exhausting trying to stimulate a little person in an artificial setting for 2 hours a day. We were just hanging out and it was great! Mlle O. seemed really comfortable and happy just to be with us. I also spoke alot more in French and less in Russian (or my attempts to speak Russian ;0)) since Irina was busy helping out our friends from the US who has just arrived to Petro.

We also got into a little trouble since we have been feeding her too much. Have to admit that since she is so tiny and does need to catch up, I have been rather generous. However, today one of the nurses asked if she ate with us and we said, yes, baby apple and banana cookies...Well, I guess that Mlle O. ate with us and then refused to eat her snack with them...oups ;0)) We just thought it important that she realized that we could feed her too and take care of her. It's really difficult since we are expecting to play with her for 2 hours, but don't get to take care of her. We don't want to be known as her part time playmates...she needs to realize that we want to take care of her. I guess all in time....

We are also looking into getting more details regarding Mlle O.'s medical report. We do have one concern that we need to investigate further. Our court date will probably be postponed since our paperwork is not in order, so it will provide some time to get more information. We were hoping to be home end of January, but it looks more like mid February at this rate.

We are also hoping to meet up with the other family in town very soon...they have just arrived and met their girls perhaps we can try to get together once they have all settled in... Yannik can't wait to play with their sons. In the meantime...he's having a ball with his papa!


Michele said...

I've been reading the other family's blog and thought how wonderful you will be able to spend time together. Yannik will have a great time. Just watch out for the handcuffs!
Oh, I'm hoping you are able to get to court sooner than later, Feb seems ever so far away!

Cindy LaJoy said...

Hi Guys! Don't know if our emails are getting through and I sent one late last night. WE will call you this morning and set something up to get together...looking forward to it!