Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting to know Anna

It's 3:00 AM our time and my stomach is gurggling up a what better way to spend time than looking at picturs of Anna ;0))), here she is, throughout the last 4 weeks. She's def. an Oborn...and the first little girl to enter the Oborn clan, with 4 older male cousins to charm on Sven's side! We think she'll do just fine! She certainly has Sven wrapped around his little finger. What I think is interesting is how smitten we look in these photos...the camera doesn't lie!


Michele said...

She is a cutey. I hope you will come to Toronto some time for one of events so we can meet in person.
I also hope your tummy feels better really soon.

Baby Kaz Moore said...

Anna is as cute as a button. It's been wonderful to follow along on your journey. All my best, Susan
PS If you're in baby room number 2, would you say hello to Bayan from Susan and Askhat (now known as Griffin). Bayan will definitely remember him. He came home to Austin, Texas in April 2008.

Alison said...

Hi there, I adopted a little 2 year old girl from Kaz this summer and have enjoyed following your adventure. I hope you feel better soon, that must be really tough. And, I can't get over how much Anna fits in with your family! We felt the same way with Lera. Amazing, considering that we traveled half way around the world to find them! All the best to you - Alison in Ohio (our blog is you are ever bored...)