Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 21 - Is that French I hear?

Our family was out and about Petro all day today since it was a rather mild day!!! We quickly took advantage of it once Sven announced this morning that he didn't freeze while running errands. We immediately put our coats on and headed towards our favorite coffee shop and also did a little bit of window shopping before ending up at the pizza house for supper with the Lajoy family.

Yannik went to play in their playground and Sven eventually went to fetch him, telling him in French that his supper was ready. A little later, a group of three young girls came up to us. They were grinning and were so cute and shy. I was so stunned when one of them said "Bonjour"...then they all began to speak French to us!!! Wow..unreal. They were so sweet and happy to be speaking French with us, you could tell how proud they were of themselves. It made my evening.

We had a debriefing of sorts with the Lajoys - please think of them as they are going through somewhat of a similar situation to what we experienced this summer. Despite everything, we laughed quite a bit...It helps with 4 silly boys. We then joined forces and walked in the now very cold evening on Constitution Avenue to see the sights of Petro at night.

All in all, a quiet day.... We can't wait to see Mlle O. tomorrow.


Diane said...

ow imagine that eh, that had to be quite a surprise to them too to hear French! The world is small indeed.

Enjoying your journey so very much, thank you for sharing it.


Janet said...

Buon Giorno and Bon Jour, Jocelyne and Sven!

I am a friend of the LaJoy family. Cindy kindly gave us a link to your blog and I have been happy to follow your adventures with Mlle O. This is just to thank you for being there for the LaJoys. I'm sure your family has helped immensely as they proceed through their struggles. All the best to you. Janet