Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 24 - Yaya!!

Our visit began on a very high note today. Mlle O was beaming when I opened the door and just ran into my arms, not listening to the nurse's instruction to stop and put a sweather on... Mama was waiting!!! (now that we are only allowed to visit every other day, it is very telling...she misses us!!! We have also been looking at videos of her since we miss her so much on those days that we can't visit.)

Another BIG word in her new vocabulary: Yaya....Yannik!!! She was looking at the photo album very intently and pointing with her little finger and just exclaimed: Yaya!! At first, I wasn't sure...then she pointed at all of his pictures and asserted "Yaya, Yaya", has officially christened her big brother.

He is just now arriving from the Lajoys. I just asked him what he thought of being known as "Yaya". He is over the moon... He exclaimed "she knows me, she knows me....I can't wait for her to come live with us." I think these are the best be forever treasured. I've always called Yannik = Yan..guess it will now be "Yaya"! She is also trying to mimick sounds.

"Speaking" of mimicking sounds, Sven is also a very good student!(I don't have the capacity to make some of the sounds required for Russian...) Irina was playing with Mlle O on her lap, singing a traditional lullaby and Sven picked it up just like that, after only a couple of attempts! I was quite impressed..and so was Irina. He will from now on be the designated lullaby singer.

Today, it is -37C. I gave a "Canadian Roots" hat to Cindy to keep her warm...she's now an honorary "Canuck" ;0)) We are meeting with them for supper tonight...oh a restaurant other than the Pizza House. The staff will probably wonder what happened to us! We are meeting up at our other favorite place in town: Doner Cafe. It's our daily "family supper" of sorts ;0)) Don't know what we would do without them. We really look forward to seeying them every day.

On that note, have a nice weekend everyone!! Christmas is in exactly one week!!! (just to remind those last minute shoppers). There is certainly no mad dash to the shops here!)

PS - Hmmm....should have started a poll on those hats!! Everyone has e-mailed with their preferences, far, it's a tie between the second hat (black rimmed) and the red flower. Perhaps I'll have to ask Santa to be generous ;0)) Curiously, no one chose the "Russian fur" ;0)))


Philippe said...

Gaga is happy for Yaya! This is a big moment!

Last day of school today so Gabriel is very happy!

Keep up the fun!

Make sure you video tape the lullabye - this will be precious.


Becki Stone said...

I love Yaya! That is so cute. I'm so happy things are going so great for you! I'm also so glad you are there for the LaJoys- I wish I could hug you!
Take care!