Thursday, December 24, 2009

6 AM Christmas morning - A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU.

First of all, the Oborn family would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for all your love, support and prayers. It has meant the world to us. You don't know how much we value every little e-mail or comment....especially on this VERY special day for us. We realize how everyone is so busy with Christmas celebrations, yet take time to say, hey, we're thinking of you. FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS - we LOVE you and THANK YOU so much!

As we are now preparing to head to court in a few hours, we think it's that much more important to take a moment and say THANK YOU. We are so thankful on this Christmas morning, for all that it means to us. A little child promising love to all who embraced him entered the world today....We are hoping that this love will prevail. He has carried us through all the way here and we can't think of a better way to celebrate Christmas than a promise of love to one his children.


sue and craig said...

We have been following you on your journey to your daughter and are pleased that things have been going so well. We were in Almaty at the beginning of this year and remember our day in court. Everything turned out just fine in the end and we are very excited to be celebrating our first Christmas with our Kaz cutie. We also took our daughter with us for the trip and the bond she has with her brother is remarkable.

We wish you all the best today at court. We can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful daughter.

Sue, Craig, Hannah and Nickolas from Canada

Diane said...

Thinking of you at 9:20PM Toronto time....we just arrived home from church, put out gingerbread and mango juice for Santa, water and shortbread for the reindeers, and now my little one is asleep. I felt the need to to check in on you all....I am thinking you might be in court as I write this and am sending lots of positive thoughts you way.

Diane (and Ciera)

Diane said...

oh and a very Merry Christmas to all four of you!!!

leblanmt said...

On vous envoie des ondes positives en ce jour très spécial pour vous. On vous souhaite un joyeux Noel et on attend de vos nouvelles.

Matthieu, Krista et Anne-Sophie

Julian and Sara said...

Our fingers are crossed for you - though we might be sleeping during your court session. We trust that all will proceed flawlessly. Hope that this is the best Christmas you have had in a long time.

Sheila said...

By the time I leave this comment you will have been to court and now a family of FOUR!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! My Kaz cutie and China Princess is fast a sleep with visions of sugar plums in their heads or such!!!I loved your post today it said it all!! A Child is a gift and we all have been blessed!! I can't wait to see you all!!

Off to finish the last minute prepartions before Saint Nick arrives!!
Take Care
HUGS from the Blanchards

Michele said...

Merry Christmas!
A church near me had a sign out front this week, "Cute baby coming here soon." I thought it was perfect. Fingers crossed for a perfect day for all four of you today. A cute baby is coming to your home soon too.
Joyeux Noel