Thursday, December 31, 2009

Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Irina called this morning to let me know that she was at the baby house and that Anna was crying and asking for Mama. Let me tell you that nothing could have pulled the heart strings more. Irina promised her that I would be there... and I arrived a quick 15 minutes later. I'm still not feeling 100%...but I had to see her. They let me see her for 30 minutes because of her change in schedule....No complaints... at least I got to see our beautiful little girl.

They have transferred her into a new group, but we had not been advised. Perhaps that explains the confusion surrounding yesterday's botched visit. I told Sven that I had not seen her like this before...she was almost hyperventilating with excitement when I opened the door and she saw me. She ran straight into my arms and cuddled so close. She must be sooo nervous in that new room, surrounded by kids she doesn't know. She finally relaxed after squeels of delight. I told her how much we loved her and once again, I know that she understands...She just replied "mama". Boy, this next week of waiting before getting her is going to be though! Yannik is also finding this wait long... he wants to see her too.

Annabelle is now with older kids even though she is only 20 months...must be intimidating. You can tell the age difference. They all ran to the door and said "mama, mama". Normally that would pull at the heart strings too... but I was focussed on finding our little one!

The new caretaker smiled when she saw how happy Annabelle was in my arms..she didn't even want to play...just stay put there and cuddle. Fine by me!!!

Now officially begin the countdown from 10.. The 15 day waiting period ends on January 9th.

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Michele said...

Glad to hear you felt well enough to go and see Anna, and how reassuring that you came after asking Irina for her Mama.
I'll keep the count with you until Anna can come and stay with you FOREVER!
Have a very happy New Year,