Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 8 - Mlle O. meets Caillou!

Since we were a bit tired, we thought we would bring a DVD to the house today with a French DVD of Caillou so that Mlle O could hear some French. Success! She sat on my lap, with Yannik on one side and Sven on the other. She was enthralled by Caillou and his little sister. She kind of "got it". She kept pointing at the screen and then looking back at us.. So I said, mama, pappa, bratik (brother). She let out this squeal.. I thought "gotcha"... now... I just have to be careful since Caillou doesn't always demonstrate "model behaviour" ;0)). It was a great visit. After a bit of Caillou, she was in a mood to play...with both "boys"... Lots of huge smiles for Sven today... laughter and tickles. She was touching Yannik's face... and seemed just happy to be with us. Sometimes she just looks at me with this devilish grin and then runs and leaps into my arms.

This morning, I ventured out by myself to pick up a few items and then met the boys at our other favorite place in town, Doner Cafe. The decor is colorful and the owner's son is really nice and speaks English. He remembered us from this summer and sat down at our table for a chat. It's great to hit all of our favorites spots from this past summer....just comfortable...and the baklava, yummy!!!

Yannik and I had a great "class" session this morning. He toll me "tu es une drole de maitresse, maman" - you're a funny teacher, mom. He amazes me by what he knows ;0)). He's a much better student than I was in dad with vouch for that one!!! The other picture is of him sitting in the stairway, going to meet his sister upstairs.

PS - Winter "cold" has finally hit Petro...brrrr. -15C today....


Philippe said...

Hi guys,

Well sounds like you may have to do some home schooling when you get back! So great to hear that all is going well. You must be meeting with the doctor soon - I think you will enjoy her. Keep the blogs coming - it makes my day. Lynne

Gary said...

Hi Jocelyne & Sven

Congratulations! Rod and Angela past on the new of your new extended family. Wow what great news. I am so pleased that everything is working out. I've enjoyed reading your blog and catching up on what has been happening. I will be checking in periodically to see how things are going.

Take care & enjoy your time abroad.

Gary McL

Colorado, USA said...

Thank you for sharing your journey. We are in process for Kaz as well. We are waiting for our dossier to leave the Kaz Embassy in D.C. Can't wait to see picture of your little girl. We are also hoping for a girl under 4 years. I will keep checking back!