Saturday, December 26, 2009

Church on Christmas Day!

I so wanted to attend church on Christmas, the best Cindy and I could do was to go visit the orthodox Russian church near their apt. For such a huge structure, it was strangely small inside. You stand up for seats. There was a priest dressed in his black robes and hat (it was strange to see black on Christmas...but it's not yet their Christmas!). Cindy had been told that their Christmas service in Jan. is 3-4 hours long. ouf...Uncle Louis... you may be right...perhaps visiting the church will suffice. I hope that we will have Anna by then...perhaps a bit much for a now 20 month old!!! I was happy to visit the church nonetheless. I didn't want to take pictures of inside without permission. Cindy had gone earlier and was allowed to take a few and has promised to share. There is one painting of Peter and Paul that I would love to take a photo of since Petropavlovsk is named after these two apostles.

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