Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 2 - First giggles!

What a difference a day makes! Mlle O. was very cuddly and smiled so much more today!! At one point, she was positively beaming up at me and let out this huge sigh..(like to say, wow.. I've got it good!)...I can't tell you how happy we were... We can't stop hugging her.

I'm also happy to report that she's now more intrigued by Sven....She just needs some time to warm up to both he and Yannik....She's simply not used to men. I had her touch their faces, noses and hands and she just laughed and had this look on her face. I think she thought, how bizarre are those fellows ;0))

She also took to her doll today as well as her blocks. She was alot more active. She is starting to respond to our nickname for her. She also looked back as we said "paka" - bye...all good signs, but the one I hold most dearly too is how strongly she holds me and walks straight into my arms.

Sven and Yannik are making a snowman right now before the snow melts. It's warmed up today. Yannik also made a snowman with me indoors...and our Christmas tree ;0)) We've decided to make a Christmas mural! This morning we strolled out to the Iceberg to pick up a few items and I ventured into the stores again to see whether I could find something for Mlle O. There are absolutely no signs of the holidays...a tad depressing... I miss the we are going to make up for it.


Philippe said...

Sooooooooooo happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet this little girl who stole your hearts! She sounds amazing! I am sure Yannik is playing his big brother role too! Aisaule reacted to men at the airport I think she had never seen a beard before! So make sure you shave Sven! In no time your little one will be papa's little girl! Girls have a way with father's! Lynne

Stacey and Dave said...

Congratulations on meeting the newest addition of your family. You certainly had a difficult process to get to this point, but it sounds as though it was worth it.
I know they celebrate different holidays in Kaz, and I think they celebrate the Orthodox Christmas in January, not December as we do - perhaps that's why you can't find any decorations yet. Good for you for being so creative in making your own.
Best of luck for a smooth remainder of your adoption process.

Stacey (mom to Rylan, adopted from Uralsk Kaz in April 2008)

leblanmt said...

C'est très touchant de lire tes mises à jour. Vous devez être au septième ciel! On a très, très hâte de la voir, en photo et surtout en personne.

xoxo, Matthieu, Krista et Anne-Sophie

Cindy LaJoy said...

Hi Guys!

Very cool Christmas tree, Yannik! The boys can't wait to meet you and have someone to play with. They are bringing a LOT of school stuff and maybe we can share reading books :-) See you soon!

The LaJoy's

Diane said...

I am enjoying following your joureny, you are so positive and it gives hope to those of us still to travel.

I love the Christmas tree, so easy to decorate, clean up and no messy pine needles!!