Saturday, November 21, 2009

Relaxing in Toronto

It was quite a short night! We arrived in Toronto at 6:30 AM and have been relaxing in the American Express Lounge. Yannik is watching Tele Tunes, I managed to sleep and Sven hit the breakfast buffet bar, of course! We're waiting for Sven's folks to arrive. Our flight leaves tonight at a 6:15 so we have plenty of time to relax. So far, we have the whole lounge to ourselves. Great place to watch the planes as well. With only a few hours of sleep, we just appreciate the quite right now :)


leblanmt said...

On vous souhaite un excellent voyage! Profitez bien du AMEX lounge pour voir partir les avions! ;)

M, K et AS xox

Amanda said...

Safe travels, cannot wait to see your journey unfold, try and get some sleep you have some very exciting days ahead of you

Philippe said...

Off you go! Enjoy! I told Xhanara you were coming! Enjoy Astana - by the way the mall we went to is situated next to the Tower. There is also another Mega which has more stores and another Babylon - Xhanara can point it to you. It is actually closer to your hotel - it is not far from the Circus - I am sure if you ask around everyone knows where the Mega is. The Babylon has a bowling ally and they serve pizza. It is neat because they can program it so that everytime Yannik plays the sides will go up! Gabriel loved it! Sorry for the long comment - enjoy! We will be reading! Lynne