Sunday, January 17, 2010

Anna discovers the Pizza House

Today, we decided to venture out since we were starting to get a little bit of
cabin fever - especially Yannik, who really misses home and his friends. We
are telling ourselves, only a little bit more to go. During our cab ride, we
had quite a treat..some Leonard Cohen...ah that smooth voice! Another taste
of Canadiana after seeying the Tim's ad yesterday...yes, that's longing in my
voice ... especially since all of our e-mail accounts are no longer working in
addition to all blogspot sites (same issue with the other two families - no

Annabelle did wonderfully at the Pizza House...but most importantly, had tons of fun. She is more and more comfortable with Sven as a caregiver as well.
They explored the play park and the stairs - I imagine that she perhaps has
never realy had the chance to go up and down them before. What a treat for
her!!! (oh no...our second story house is going to be tons of fun!!!)
Progress every day. We are slowly becoming a family. This morning, she
crawled to Sven to get her diaper changed and father and daughter sneaked out
of the bedroom to provide me and Yannik some additional Zzzzs. That was the
first time that Sven had Anna by himself..and for a good hour. She was as
happy as could be when I woke up.

I love this picture of Anna at the Pizza House. I arrived with the camera and
she was trying to give me a kiss. ( see next post)

PS- Yael... Cindy is the one who recommended the baby carrier and I think it is a good idea...Anna always wants to be cuddled or in our arms. At least this way I will have my arms free. Check Lufthansa website - Lufthansa did not consider a stroller to be either a carry on or a piece of luggage - that is why I recommended it - shouldn't factor in as weight for you. Wish I could e-mail you...promise to try!

In case this post can make it out... Bonne fête Gilberte!!!!

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