Thursday, January 28, 2010

A morning at the Dumon Entertainment Complex

We were all excited today to go to the aquarium to see the sharks....and we were not disappointed! Even Annabelle really got into in and squealed with excitement seeying all the pretty fish swim by. I have to admit to being slightly uncomfortable in front of the piranna tank with the netting up top...thinking, can these guys jump;0) We all got amazed (and me again, a bit uncomfortable) entering the tunnel and seeying sharks swimming all around us. They seem to come right at you. Of course, I had one little boy just so excited and running from shark to shark! It was def. worth the price of admission. Yannik has been amazing throughout our stay in Kaz and he deserves to have a fun time...I'm just happy that we can make that happen for him. Dumon is an interesting place. We also ventured around to look at the different exhibitions of places in the world...from Las Vegas to was fun.

We eventually found ourselves back at Mega for lunch at Assorti. We once again had the pizza since we can't get over the fresh produce on it - beats the peas and corn served to us at Doner in Petro! We are so happy to have Ramstop...we picked up REAL tomato sauce (not paste!!!), donuts, fresh, yes, fresh veggies, ice cream...We must have looked so goofie in there with huge grins pasted on our faces seeying all the food!!!

I ended up slipping out to the Eurasian market across from our apt to see what it was like. Wowee...about 10 times as big as Ice berg and so much more room to stroll about in there.

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Philippe said...

Fun fun fun - keep that agenda! I should tell you that there are many other good restaurants in town! You should check the popcorn at the movies too - you can get it chocolate coated! It is actually good! You should be able to find M&Ms too! I know this may be way too much all at once! You are like on survivor when they win a reward! Enjoy - you so deserve it! Lynne