Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some progress!!

We had a really nice day... once again, staying in and just playing together. Anna is being really gentle with me. I thought perhaps that she ust didn't know how to convey affection. Last night, I began taking her hand stroking my cheek and telling her softly, softly. She gave me a big smile. Once or twice, you could tell that she thought about biting, then remembered!!! She loves to play with my hair and touch my face....This afternoon, she pursed her little lips together to attempt to give me a kiss... so touching to see. I bet you that she has never kissed anyone...We're all loving kissing her and she just laughs and laughs...I think we are slowly getting through to her.

It now looks like we will be arriving in Fredericton at 11:20 pm - the same day as we flight out of Astana! 28 hours of travelling....We leave at 5 am on Feb 3rd and arriving later that evening (because of the change in time) on the same day. OUF!

I am trying to find a baby carrier, but so far, no luck. I think that our stroller would be more of a nuisance than anything...but at least we have that to fall back on.

PS - when I logged on, there was a Tim Horton's coffee ad... It brought tears to my eyes.


Anonymous said...

hahahah.. the comment about the coffee made me chuckle .. I can imagine :-) Glad to hear things are going good!

Yael said...

Now that I got my stroller following your advise you are thinking of a baby carrier??? Have to review my packing strategy then. Glad to hear things are improving.

Michele said...

The first few days do seem to be an enormous challenge for both baby and family. I never thought about having to teach a child how to show affection, but of course you would have to. I'm learning that the children really do get attached and want to be held all the time. I bought a 20 pound bag of rice for practice. I lug it around for a while when I remember. Time to get it really into my arms.

Roll on February!