Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our tour of the baby house

Before picking up Annabelle, Dr. Rhimma wanted to make sure that we toured the rest of the baby house. We were really impressed. Part of our country fees are a donation to the baby house and she wanted to show us where the donations were spent. She even provided us with a certificate of thank you. We were really awed by the specialized rooms. One is for psychologist and has movies of images, bubbles and a different lights going around the room..It is really peaceful. Yannik loved that one. We got to see every bed that Annabelle had slept in during her stay at the orphanage....we took pictures to put in her book for later on. We even managed to photograph her very shy first nurse ;0) What was probably most sad was touring the wing devoted to children whose parents still visit every week. The place itself is wonderful...they even have a tiny cantine and their own water supply...however, I can't imagine how difficult it must be for the parents to have to leave their children.

For those who asked, yes, we did see the little girl who we had met this summer and was too ill to take home. She has improved somewhat. I thought she had put on weight. Dr. Rhimma told us that she is on a waiting list for heart surgeries. Best of all, the surgery is free... we had wondered about that and thinking that she may not be able to have it had weighed heavily on our hearts. We were so happy to see that she will receive the medical attention that she requires. Her future still remains uncertain...but at least she has a chance!!!

As for the pictures:

1) Dr. Rhimma bidding us farewell and good luck.

2) Anna's first bed at the baby house

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