Monday, January 18, 2010

Finally, another girl in the house!

We are just stunned. I began cleaning the apt. and throwing stuff away to get a headstart in getting ready to leave for Astana next week. I turn around to see little Annabelle following my lead and putting stuff away. Sven says she's a workhorse ;0)) She never let up, going back and forth, putting stuff in its place. I have been known to nag the boys about their nasty habit of not putting things back in their place and always having to pick up after them... we have the little one - the youngest Oborn - showing the boys how to do it!! I have a partner who understands me ;0))

PS - Sven wants me to post that the toy which had promised "infinite pleasure" on its box turned out to provide "infinite pain" ;0)) Have to admit...can't stand that high pitch tune myself. I think Sven wants it to be "lost in cleaning" ;0)

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