Saturday, January 2, 2010

A little surprise for us

Today when I went to visit Anna, they told us that we could bring Yannik for 5 minutes to take some pictures. Their gift to us? Boy, were the siblings happy to see each other!! It was pretty heartwarming to see Yannik hug his little sister. She just beamed at him.

As for Sven...his daughter is going to be quite a handfull for him...She has him where she wants him...He pleads in Russian for her to come into his arms....she acts like she's going to...then pulls back and just laughs really loudly at him...It's hilarious!! She finally succombed after a few attempts!!! She hadn't seen him in 4 days either....basically, we're all missing each other and just counting down the days!

So, after such excitement....Zzzzzzzs. The first time we've seen her sleep!!! (it also explains why she is trying to sleep on my shoulder for that family shot!)


ethan said...

looks like the bonding is going great! i am glad you are feeling better!
Mary Collier

Michele said...

A beautiful family photo! Yannik does look delighted to see his sister again. What a nice surprise to be able to visit all together for a little while today.

Glad everyone seems to be feeling better, role on the date Anna comes home with you forever!

Philippe said...

Love the family photo! She'll be with you forever soon! 2010 is off to a good start! Lynne