Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A day at Mega

We spent most of our day at the Mega Centre. What more could a north american family pining for home want: Wanta to be KFC, Starbucks and Toys r Us, play parks everywhere, Baskin Robbins ice cream...felt like home, but different. Yannik and Anna had fun at the parks as we indulged in a few favorite treats.

We are not settling into our new home for the next week..It's a bigger one bedroom least here Annabelle and Yannik can actually run around a bit.

Tomorrow, we hope to visit the Duman Entertainement Complex and aquarium....Yannik, especially, is looking forward to it. Haven't told Sven yet...but we may be able to take in a hockey game while in town... I think that would make his stay here complete until he gets to Canada for some Olympic hockey.

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