Friday, January 29, 2010

Our new home away from home ;0)

Zhanara has graciously set us up in a relative's apt for our stay in Astana...Cindy, Dominic...these pictures are for you... hope it provides some idea of space. It's def. bigger than our apt in Petro, but probably smaller than your current one.

PS - did w fail to mention that we have one English!!!!!!!!! BBC world...we have been glued!!! Check out channel 50 (in case we forget to tell you). Have never been so happy to be watching the news ;0))

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Philippe said...

Hi guys, very smart about not booking the tickets! Don't forget about the President's Museum - not as entertaining as the Aquarium but it's inside, lots of space, glass elevators, free and there is a stuffed horse that is cool for the kids. Make sure Xhanara takes you to the pyramid even if you don't go inside it is neat and the stadium for the Asian games was accross the street - worth seeing up close! There doesn't appear to be much snow in Astana! Looks a bit like here till this AM. It is snowing and kids get a free day off from school - tell Yannick he should get one too! :) Lynne