Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Silly mood today!!!

We had so much fun during our visit today. The three of us were just being silly "glupinky"....I think we laughed the entire time. We're really just big kids at heart.

Anna let Sven hold her in his arms while he was standing up...usually, he needs to be sitting down on the floor (I guess she allows that since she can always crawl today was a huge milestone for Papa!!!). She is also relunctant in leaving us at the end of the's more and more difficult to say "paka paka". Hopefully she will be allowed to move in with us on Monday...cross your fingers.


Yael said...

She looks so happy, funny and engaged...will keep our fingers crossed for Monday: big day! Yael

Philippe said...

Wow you guys look good together! Really meant to be... Only a few more dodos before she's with you forever... so exciting!

For the immigration police - scary! This was one of my biggest fears while in Kaz - specially when Gabriel's visa was getting due! Glad we finally were able to have it extended! You guys seem to have all the adventures!!! Lynne

Dean and Janie said...

Anna is so beautiful and your family is so happy. What a blessing to read your posts each day. Thank you for sharing and many blessings in your life with your new daughter.