Monday, January 11, 2010

Sliding - Petro STYLE

Life changes tomorrow! We thought we would give Yannik a special treat and take him out sliding since we may not be able to do so for a little bit. He had a blast. By the way, take a look at Yannik's luge - that's what the kids do here - simple and fast...old cardboard, plastic, anything that is slick goes down that beautiful ice slide. The image of what looks like garbage are actually discarded "sleighs" that another child will soon pick up to go down that hill. Yannik made his from his Lego cool is that ;0)) and recycling too.


Philippe said...

Too cool!

Sheila said...

We have just returned from Florida and I finished reading all your post I missed. WOW, You had me on an emotionally rollercoaster!!! Yoy daughter is beautiful! Looks like all has gone very well. I love your hats!!!!
Can't wait to see you all!!
Take Care

Michele said...

That looks like a really fun slide. I'm sure Yannik had a blast. But, wow that is a LONG way back up to the top. I bet he was exhausted when you finally got back to your apartment. And doesn't the cold make you really sleepy when you get warm again?!

Diane said...

oh my gosh that looks like so much fun! I would not have been able to hold back I too would have been up and down that slide!!

Congratulations of bringing Anna "home" tomorrow (today for you now!). I hope she transitions over easily.

I know what you mean when you said about things you will miss, one bing the time you are spending togther, 3 1/2 years later I still miss that time, time where nothing else calls you name needing to be done.