Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Annabelle discovers the shopping mall!

Today, we took Annabelle to the local shopping centre to meet up with the Lajoy family. Dominick had just returned from the States and we were eager to introduce Annabelle to him. I was curious to see how Annabelle would react to the mall. Cindy and I went to the toy store. Annajust took everything in without too much reaction. She was simply curious....Ah... until we got to the children's
accessory store and she saw the shoes. She then began to nod her head and pointing to the shoes... I thought: Yes! She appreciates accessories just like her mother. I might have found myself a little shopping buddy...poor Sven ;0))

What is even funnier is that she was equally as interested in the Entertainment magazines that Dominick brought back from the US. Wonder was she thinks of Brangelina's crew;0) Thankfully, she is also very interested in Clifford the Red Dog...probably more appropriate reading material for her.

By the way, Annabelle now prefers her new name and responds very well to it. We are seeying lots of improvement and she is attaching well. She gives me kisses, calls me mama and runs to us for comfort. However, we are having a big struggle with bedtime and nap time. She has to sleep on me at all times. She falls asleep quickly (within 5 - 10 minutes) but then when I try to move her from me (after a good 30 minutes), she wakes up and screams for a good hour. She simply is craving human contact (mine only, not Sven's)...but she is not allowing me to sleep. She won't even sleep beside me... has to be on top of me. Tried to give her one of my T-shirts, but still unacceptable. I read about it - once again, very typical behaviour, especially at her age...but haven't been able to find techniques or solutions to help her out. She must be so stressed out and anxious. Any advice from someone who went through this when adopting a toddler would be appreciated. At this point, I need sleep otherwise, I won't be of any use to her during the day! She finds it funny when I "explain" this to her....she just wants her mommy...exhausted or not. Yannik is giving me a pep talk, telling me that I'm a great mom even when I'm really tired ;0))


Marg Purves said...

Hi, diff. not to get sleep. Parents tell me the sleep issues are common & may go on for mon. or so until she feels more secure. I am told it does get better!! Hang are doing great...
Marg P.

Diane said...

How exciting to have a daughter who wants to shop for shoes...I struggle with that issue with Ciera, she refuses to try them on in the store or when I buy them, I have to bribe her! And she hates trying on new clothes too...unless it was a new hockey shirt.

Interesting about the sleeping with Annabelle. Ciera 9age 4 1/2) does sleep on her own but the odd time I do lie down with her she also has to be right on me. This started recently after my dad died, so I think for kids maybe this is a loss issue and that if you are right there and they can feel you to them it means you are not moving or going anywhere. I reassure Ciera alot these days that I am not going anywhere, but I realize it's tricker for Annabelle due to the language. There are so great kids books outto do with parents leaving and comes back, one I can thnk off off the top of my head is "mama always comes back", but again you have the language barrier to deal with.

If you are not already doing so I woudl try for soem naps during the day, hang in there it will get better.