Friday, January 22, 2010

Hand that over, Stevie!

Is he doing this to torture me????? Hand it over, Steve.... This image of our Primer Minister drinking a Tim's coffee keeps popping up. I plan on heading directly to Tim's, before customs, if that is possible at the Montreal Airport. I haven't had a coffee in about 3 weeks now. Sven keeps offering me the instant stuff, but I can no longer tolerate it.

By the way, people love Canadians over here...They are really intrigued hearing us speak and then I say Kanada, Fransisky....ah, da da...Then they usually say, Brrrrr! (yeah, like it's not cold here). The owner of the Russian souvenir store is all excited about the Olympics in Vancouver and actually knew where the Atlantic provinces were...Have to hand it to him since I really didn't know where Petropavlovsk was before we began this journey!

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Michele said...

Would it make you feel better to know that Steve wasn't drinking coffee instead he was drinking hot chocolate? He says he doesn't drink coffee.
I hope you get an extra large coffee as soon off the flight in Canada as possible.
I love the photo of Anna laughing in the stroller. That is a priceless photo.
Okay, I'm just about to finish this comment and saw the word for verification, it's arctic. Does that describe your weather?