Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Celebrating my birthday in Astana!

Annabelle had her first experience in a plane and honestly, didn't go too bad at all (perhaps because it was just a little over an hour hop!). We were quite impressed. Feed her food as she is just a happy camper.

Sven and I went directly to the MEGA shopping Centre for a delicious supper at our favorite pizzaria and then my birthday treat to myself: the move and pic icecream in more flavours that I wish to disclose ;0)))

Cindy,'ll laugh...yes, more lentil soup as well... but creamy and just sooooo good! You'll also be happy to know that our blog works perfectly here - again, no comment ;0))

We had a really good evening out . Yannik was really happy to be back at the Babylon play park. The restaurant also had a small area for kids to play which Anna just loved.

Sven and I were commenting that we know we feel like Anna is ours....we had to get out of Petro to feel like we could finally begin our lives...perhaps just to change our mental state... We are no longer in the midst of adopting..that chapter is let's begin enjoying it... hence, our little "vacation" in Astana. We are here to have some fun as a family!!!


Diane said...

wow, Mega looks awesome! Happy Belated Birthday, it looks like it was a good one. Those Pizza's look amazing!!!!

Alison said...

What a great way to put it - you are right, the adoption is done, now you get to enjoy a family vacation! Your kids are darling and I can't get over how they look like 'bio' siblings. Great blog! - Alison in Ohio