Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 2

I like the idea of restarting the count - Day 2 as a family of four! We had a great day. We enjoyed our time at the play park - it was time to celebrate after all...Yannik turned 6. What a very generous brother he is being - I think we need to have a grand celebration for him when we get back home...never complained..the presents were small, there was no cake, but he had new friends to play with and a little sister who follows his every move!!!

Anna seemed to be in awe of the play park...she wasn't really into it until we got into this little bouncy park. Mama even got into the groove and bounced on the trampoline with her... Have to admit, I had a ball!!!! She was laughing so much, making me laugh even more.

Only incident of the day: I paid the price for love. She was interested in coloring, so much so that she wanted a taste. I had to put my finger in her mouth...and boy she has nice still feeling it. Sven scolded her for the first time...and she FINALLY put her head on this shoulders ;0))))) Never the mind the pain ;;0))

And boy, do they train the children at the baby house well... No complaints...teeths brushed, on the potty... kuddos Dr. Rhimma!!!

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Michele said...

I love the new count. I've seen blogs with the count ont he blog.

I don't seem to be able to get enough of looking at your little one. I laughed to see the photo of her sleeping holding the spoon. It always amazes me how they seem to blossom in just a couple of days.

Can we get more video?????

I'm praying you are on your way home really soon!