Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pictures from our afternoon at the Mega

Amongts the highlights of the day, seeying Anna discovering sliding at the play park...and her first taste ever of ice cream....yum yum Annabelle!!! As for Yannik, we discovered this cool toy store that was very inviting for our little "knight"! Best of all...we look so happy in all of these pictures....What a great family day...the first of many ;0)


Lisa in CO, USA said...

You do all look so happy! How wonderful to be finally heading home with your family of four!

Philippe said...

NOW you look like your on vacation!!! Have lots of fun in our home away from home land! I had tears just seeing the picture of the MEGA! I really did love that place but I do get that you can't wait to get home and show us your little treasure in person! And we can't wait to see her too!
PS For more Moe and Pic - check the grocery store - they sell it by the litre! Not cheap but worth every penny! Don't forget to order some traditional bread when you go to restaurants that have it - that sorta doughnut slash bread!

Philippe said...

OH I almost forgot have fun at the Entertainement centre tomorrow. Just a reminder: They have a mini representations of various places around the world - I got a kick out of the native station! They also have Baskin Robins - a little shop in the back! Like I said before I would not recommend the jungle tour - full of animatrix that are very scary! Really cool for adults but very scary for younger children. We did the 5-D - slightly scary for a 6 year old probably not that good for a 21 month old. The aquarium is really the coolest - mini sharks and all! Enjoy enjoy enjoy! There was also a mini souvenir shop close to the entrance. And a few restaurants. You can really spend a whole day there!
Sorry this is so long - I just get so excited when it comes to Astana!