Saturday, January 9, 2010

What we miss from home....lamentor's edition!

Today was a rather quiet day. We are slowly getting ready for Annabelle to come live with us. I packed so many clothes to bring to the baby house. I don't want them telling us to come back since she would not be clothed warmly enough. I do hope that they see how much we want her to come home with us now rather than later. Yannik is so looking forward to playing with his sister. He is even putting away his Lego pieces so that she doesn't eat them! (now that's love!!!).

As for us, we are also planning our return to Canada. Our travel agent booked tickets for Feb 1rst, but now we are thinking of postponing to Feb. 3rd instead to make sure to give us enough time...just in case we get delayed. We'd had so many delays, we would rather play it safe.

So...planning our departure had me thinking about comforts of home and what we miss the most. Of course, we miss everyone so I asked, apart from people...what do we miss?

Here's is Sven's list:
1. Food! (of course that would be no 1 and only item on my dearest foodie's list!)...He listed tons of food...but with's all about the stomach ;0)) ah ha ha...My mom will enjoy this...prepare good food, Mom... Sven is coming home! He has even developped a reputation here - Cindy can vouch for that..he'll eat everything in sight!!!

Here is Yannik's list:

1. Wii!!!! for our dearest's all about the toys.... list is rather long. Perhaps I'm not as good of a traveler!!!

My list:

1.) brushing my teeth without having to rely on bottled water. What a hassle. Really getting tired of that. Can't wait to simply turn on that tap water and go!

2) Our bath tub!! Warm water...not freezing cold or boiling hot..just nice warm water.

3) Real coffee (not that instant stuff...sorry Starbuck Via....after two's not cutting it anymore.)

4) My clothes dryer...It's not that much of hassle to dry on the rack...but the clothes are always stiff. I can't wait for that "just out of the dryer" feeling.

5) My bed....ah....nice comfortable and cushy Simmons mattress... I dream of you!!

6) Meat! We have been doing the vegetarian thing here...but how I long for a good filet mignon. At this point, a couple of hamburgers from McDonald's at the Frankfurt aiport are calling out our names!!!

7) Fresh veggies and fruit. Most of it here is a little iffy.

8) I do miss our car. Not that I like to drive that much....but when it's -40C, it would be nice to have a warm car to hop into. It does limit us here in winter somewhat.

9) English and French TV....... even miss good old CTV news!

10) My bank card. It's getting really difficult (and let's face it, dangerous) carrying lots of cash around all the time. Petro is a cash society. Irina didn't understand the notion of a's just not in their practice. Only a couple of stores accept visa...even though it is marked in their window.

11) The sun!!! It only rises around 9:30-9:45 in the morning and sets early. Even on a nice day, it is fleeting.

12) Being understood. The people here are so nice. It would be great to be able to really talk to each other instead of just nodding and smiling. When shopping, they just whip out the calculator to show you the price...that has been helpfull...but I can't wait to communicate again ;0))

Guess I'm more homesick that the boys are...or more honest! When I read my list to Sven, he began nodding his head. Perhaps I have simply just been thinking more about it ;0))


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say HI! I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and have been following along :-) I hope they let you bring Anna home soon... Are they holding out for the 15 day period after court, is that what is taking so long? Nonetheless, I'm itching for you guys!

I am JUST starting my journey through International Adoption and Kaz... and following along these past few weeks with you has been awesome. Thank you for sharing...


Philippe said...

Hi guys! Well we could relate to your list! I think you need to check the TGIF in Astana when you arrive - this should help with the food anyways! I actually found it somewhat difficult returning to Canada for the first few days - we were happy to be back but I saw everything a tad differently - even our home! This is your second time so maybe it won't be so weird... You are getting closer and closer! Once you have Anna the time will no doubt fly by!

Diane said...

Less than a month until you come home! I hope you get custody of Anna soon, it will certianly help with her transition to Canada.

Although I have to admit I will miss reading your blog every day :-)

Stephanie and Gary said...

Interesting list! I agree with #13 -- We are home 3 weeks from our first trip to Almaty (two more to go) and I recall well that feeling of isolation. My husband enjoyed it, but I was eager to talk to anyone "He looks American!" and I'd find an excuse to ask a question. In this manner, we met a great Canadian! ;-)
Best wishes to you and your beautiful family!