Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fur earings

I know, I know...but who could resist these, now really! What a unique souvenir from the land of fur ;0) Alot more affordable and easier to pack!!! Speaking of packing, it has begun! Two suitcases done...about 3-4 more to do. We have 6-7 suitcases here since we had left some here this summer. I don't know if we will make use of them all...wouldn't surprise me if we did actually....I'm no longer if the mood of "carefully packing" to find every inch... I just want to move on at this point.

The Astana team has found us an apt there close to everything and I have been researching the city re attractions.... I think we will have plenty to entertain both Annabelle and Yannik. Yannik, now especially, is finding it really difficult. He's been really excited to see me beginning to pack. Have to admit, it's energizing us as well! 10 days to go before we head home!


Michele said...

Not only will there be lots to keep Yannik and Annabelle busy, but I believe the temperature will seem totally balmy compared to what you have been experiencing.
10 more days, you are in the final stretch. Yahoo!
Oh, and I agree, how could you NOT purchase such a special pair of earings. You must wear them back to work one day ;-)

Trisha said...

Those sure are some interesting earrings, nice find!

Philippe said...

The countdown is on! Can't wait to meet this little girl in person!