Friday, January 8, 2010

Our last visit?

We just returned from what is hopefully our last visit with Anna at the baby house. Irina thinks that we should be able to take her home Monday....We will see what the director says on Monday.

We had a great visit today. Annabelle actually cried when we brought her back to her playgroup. She had not done do before and it was quite hard for me to let her go. One of the little boys came up to her and led her little ones can be so kind to each other. He just looked up at me and smiled as if to reassure me ;0))

After our visit, Irina took us to a traditional Kazak store. So many pretty things. (Lynne...Aisaulé now has a dress!!) We bought a few items and will go back with Yannik since there is alot of stuff in there that he would like. We'll let him choose a souvenir for himself as long as it's not the full armour of a Kazak soldier or a huge camel!!!


Mishelle said...

Hi-I've loved following along on your blog! My daughter did the same thing on the day of our last visit--cried for the first time when it was time to go back to her group. Sad, yes, but it really shows you Anna is ready to be with you all the time. I really hope that happens for you on Monday. It is such a relief! Mishelle

Pat and Alli said...

I hope Anna will join you on Monday :)

Best wishes.


Philippe said...

Wow! Thanks! Can't wait to see it! Well, we will be crossing our fingers for Monday! Lynne