Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another day...another hat!

Ok... I have now officially developped a hat fetish...but with so many beautiful ones to choose from...and at $10's hard not to pick them up. I love to treat myself to a hat when we are in Old Québec, but I won't be seeying prices like this again!!! (by the way, Petro hat, scarf and glasses - I am now being stopped in the street for directions... perhaps I finally blend in as a local...but I doubt it!)

Today, Irina went to the court in the village where Annabelle was born to get the decision stamped. The decision will be effective at midnight tonight!!!! She took tons of pictures of the village and we are extremely grateful to her for having done so. These pictures will be priceless and I know that Anna will be so happy to have them later on in life... to see her roots! It was good for us to see those photos too. Irina explained that there wasn't much to take pictures of. The pictures of the houses tell quite the story. It is a remote and even poorer area from the looks of it. Looking at those pictures pulled at the heart strings again.

We met up with Cindy and family to let the kids bowl this afternoon. One of the few activities to do in Petro during winter! At least it was a change from the Pizza House.

Tomorrow we find out if Annabelle will be able to come live with us. It depends whether or not Dr. Rhimma will be in town. We really want Anna by the 14th - Yannik's birthday - as we plan on taking him to the indoor play park with the Lajoy family and perhaps the Yagers if they are able to come.

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Michele said...

That is a seriously nice hat. And it only cost $10, wow, not bad.

It will be nice to have photos of
Annabelle's birth village. What a wonderful connection to have for the future!

I've my fingers crossed for tomorrow that your daughter comes home with you. THEN the fun begins :-)