Saturday, January 16, 2010

Smoother day

My clever husband has managed to strick the system. We have been restricted from all blogs, not only blogspot but blogger,etc. as well as yahoo sites. We are allegedly on unlimited high speed internet...good way of providing it if you limit the most popular sites. (yeah...getting frustrated!) Yannik began a countdown calendar for home and I was just as excited as he was to make those boxes!

We are heading home on Feb. 3rd...probably arriving on the 3rd (because of the change in time) or 4th, through Montreal. We don't have our tickets yet. I think we have quite a delay in Montreal and will only be arriving in the evening...Hopefully Montreal has an Air Canada lounge...will have to double check with that.

Anna did much better yesterday. She has slowly begun to realize that you don't bite. She tries...but we immediately sit her down on the floor and hold her until she kind of nods her head when we speak to her. I think she understood when I pretended to cry. Last night, she stroked me and played with my hair when we laid in bed....I said, da da.... It took us 2 hours to get her to sleep. She is funny. She misbehaves and won't lie down....UNTIL Sven walks in the bedroom...then, its OOPS, and throws herself down and lies still...then he goes away, she giggles and stands up...all in front of me! Finally, Sven stayed in the room and she just crawled to get the closest possible to me...just like glue...that was actually good...she was touching my skin and babbling and finally fell asleep. Boy, was I afraid of moving by my neck and back were killing me ;0))

So...we are making slow progress. Yannik is our biggest asset in providing me some down time ;0)

By the way...more and more progress on the language front. She repeated "main" when I showed her my hand and thought that was the funniest thing. She responds obviously really well to any positive reinforcement...loves kisses!!! Sad to report that she is now regressing on the potty and just screams when we change her diaper - I think it is more of the fact that she doesn't want to miss out of anything.

Wish we could post some video...not sure if we will be able to...but Sven will attempt to post some pictures.

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