Monday, January 18, 2010

You know it when!

You know that the precious little person you have been getting to know is truly your child when....she can't stop eating and finally, it all comes out...right up to her neck!!! Sven yelled out from the kitchen and said, you have to look at this. I was expecting Anna to be doing another cute little thing...not to see her back all covered!

We quickly cleaned her up and put her straight in the tub and she was just laughing at me and playing in the water and it hit me...she is really ours!!!

Now, we just need to try to limit the quantity of food going in that small stomach of hers. She is insulted not to be eating all the time. We are now switching off the kitchen light to say, kitchen closed. She gets it...but still ventures in there. 90% of the time she listened why I say nyet, but oh....when she doesn't...that hollering can be heard back in Canadad I bet! We are all for feeding her...but not to the point of getting herself sick. I read about in online and it's very common with adopted children, especially toddlers. We will have to get her checked out when we get home....right now, we are limiting her diet. The picture was taken perhaps a good 5 minutes before "the incident" as we like to call it. She was eating so beautifully ;0)

Annabelle is impressing us every day. She said her first little sentence: Allo maman! She is trying out sounds. She is blowing kisses and patting us on the arm...all great stuff that keeps us motivated throught the hard stuff: the bedtime cries are pretty bad as well ;0))

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