Sunday, January 10, 2010

The flip side - What we will miss from Petro!

Since we came up with a list of what we really miss from home...I think that Petro is just as deserving. Hence, today's question: What are we appreciating from Petro and what will we miss? (yes, we ran out of movies and are trying to entertain each other...bear with us!)

When I asked Sven, he began to laugh....hmmmm!!!!

Sven's list:
silence.....He's thinking...this is more difficult than he thought!!!

1. Yabloko sok - apple juice. Can't describe how yummy it is. Really tasty. Apples were allegedly discovered in Kaz. The name of the largest city, Almaty, is derived from the word "alma" (apple in Kazak).

2. Walking everywhere. Petropavlovsk is so compact, that when the weather is nice, we can really take advantage of it and discover a new part of the city on every outing.

Gee..he's having a tough time...he keeps saying what he won't be missing ;0)))

3. The cookies and pastries - that candy aisle at the Iceberg market (once again, Sven's stomach is talking).

4. Having a chauffer!! Sounds so decadent when you put in on paper, doesn't it!

Yannik's list:

1. Like father, like son: The white chocolate...yum yum!!!

2. My mom teaching me school!

3. My new friends from Colorado: Joshua, Kenny and Matthew.

Jocelyne's list:

1. Simplicity of life. We have been quite stressed out here (in terms of the whole process, paperwork, frustration with delays, etc. but it is a different kind of stress since it is totally out of our control. There is not the "daily grind" of back home. We eat when we want to, stay up late, talk more to each other...just enjoy each other stress of rushing here and there, getting to work early to get parking, etc!

2. The beauty of winter. Ironic perhaps from a Canadian, but the winter here is absolutely magical. Frozen snow on trees that sparkle at night. Constitution street. It's a tad somber, melancholic...The emotions just hit you.

3. That 70s feeling! Everything here brings back fond memories of childhood since many things are a throwback to the 1970s....the toys and children's clothes especially. They are so charming as Sven's says.

4. From the other foodie: Yummy lentil soup after a walk in the cold weather and the ginger carrott salad. I would love to have the recipes from the Pizza House. We faithfully order them every visit.

5. Ah ha ha...creative writing. I write all the time in my work back home...but, let's face it, drafting legislation can be pretty dry stuff. I am having so much fun writing about our daily lives will be difficult to go back to "This Act is amended by striking out this and replacing it with that" ;0))) Everyone at the office can relate to this one!

6. Our new friends! We have been blessed with new friends, both from Kaz and from the States, during our stay here and we will be sad to part we can attest to, staying in touch just requires one to do so!!! We're now part of each other's lives and I plan to keep it that way.


Philippe said...

Nice lists, I'm with the boys though - the chocolate was good! Will be checking your blog tomorrow for good news! If you post late will know you are busy with her! Lynne

Cindy LaJoy said...

And your new friends will definitely miss you as well!! Not so sure, as a Coloradoan, that I will miss winter in Petro...we get some of the most majestic and beautiful in the world where we live! But there will be much to miss, maybe I have to make a blog post about that too, but it will take a little thinking.