Thursday, January 7, 2010

Merry Orthodox Christmas! have to LOVE Kazakhstan....You buy a ring, they give you a bottle of bubbly as a gift!! What a nice surprise.

We may be receiving a really nice gift....It is now official, we will be moving to Astana once our coordinator finishes our paperwork in Petro. This move will end up saving us close to two weeks! The team in Astana think it can find us a bigger apt for the same price as we are currently paying in Petro (bonus since our place is extremely tiny). This morning, the Astana team suprised us with an earlier date of departure than we were even contemplating. If everything works out, we could be leaving as soon as Jan. 31th. Seems fitting...we would be leaving to go to Astana on my birthday (26th) and leaving for Canada on my brother's birthday (the 31th). We'll see...we want to pad it by a few days to make sure that everything falls into place, but we are now discussing our return home.

This afternoon, we are visiting with the Lajoy and Yaeger's families at Cindy's apt....It's Christmas after all!


Chantal said...

Joyeux Noël :-)

Je suis contente de voir que les choses avancent bien de votre côté. J'espère que ça va continuer ainsi.

Philippe said...

Great news! This seems like a really good plan. It makes me feel good to know that you will be in Xhanara and Bayan's hands - I have a lot of confidence in them! You guys will be comfortable there I'm sure. It is always important for everyone to have their own room for Kaz so I imagine they will try to find you a 3 bedroom for your family of 4 - that sounds good hey - family of 4! We are happy that things are falling into place more and more (with lots of thinking on your part of course!). Lynne PS Love the pictures of the houses.