Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting to know Annabelle

It struck me in the middle of the night while I was watching Annabelle sleep, that we have only been scratching the surface with her. We are now only beginning to see glimpses of her personnality. After a week with us, she is no longer the same child we visited at the orphanage. (Kaz had that right....those 2 weeks were an amazing way of helping us to bond....but bonding goes both ways...nobody really talks about the parents getting to know their is always focussed on the child getting used to the parents. I have to be honest,it is quite an adjustment for our family as well ;0)) Just when I think I have figured her out, she switches gears on me. Imagine that ;0)

Adopting a now 21 old month toddler is as rewarding as it is a challenge. I think what I love most is getting to know her personality. I really hated going back to work with Yannik when he turned 1 since he had just begin to really become a little person and develop his personality. With Anna, I will be lucky to have the year with her just as her personality is starting to blossom. We are beginning to see glimpses of the "true" Anna since she has been with us. So far, in the short 10 days that she has been with us, we know that:

- She is very kind and generous. that is saying alot for a) a toddler and b) a child who is sooo carefull with her food. Although she is yet unsure whether more will be coming, she shares her food with us. She also brings toys to Yannik and shares easily with him.

- She is quite the tease and playful, just like her parents (see that teasing look in the picture..that's the true Anna). We're a family of goofs.... Sven especially! He loves to make loud noises when he kisses you on the cheeks...He does it to her all the time...and to me. Yesterday, he was planting a noisy one on my cheek and I was squirming in protest and looked at Anna and shook my head...She just laughed and laughed...she understood and shook her head as well ;0)))That shared look with my daughter at her dad's expense was a moment I'll always treasure....Yep, Papa is bizarre....but he is fun and we love him!

- She is very observant. She doesn't react on the spot...she takes time to first observe and then makes her move ;0)) She is pretty patient (except for food) and is a really quick study. Sven keeps saying what such a smart kid she is and I have to agree.

- Like her dad, she is usually pretty easy going. Loves to be cuddled and giggle. She is very funny actually. Great sense of humour that we are witnessing over and over again.

- Boy can she frown....She walks around and frowns, like she is "thinking" of something or is determined to do something (once again, reminding me of Sven)...but she is so transparent. We need to get that on tape ;0)))

Can't wait to get to know you more, little one!

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Dean and Janie said...

She sounds like a doll. You are very blessed. I hope you will update us once in a while when you return home. It seems so many Parents get home and then never update their blogs. We have spent months watching and sharing your journey. I think you all become a part of our lives and then sometimes just disappear. We would love to see the "Happy Ever After" if at all possible. :)
Blessings to your beautiful family!