Monday, January 25, 2010

Paka Paka Petro!

Bye Bye Petropavlovsk!! We came... we found our daughter... and now we are more than ready to be making the first stint in our journey back home.

When you add our stay here this summer, we will have spent approx. 3 months in this city...In a bizarre way, it began feeling like home. We had settled in...but my heart began racing yesterday when Sven took out all the suitcases....Almost had tears in my eyes....Yannik as well. We are ready.....we need to really begin our lives as a family of four.

We'll post from Astana where we hope to take advantage of all the amenities and have a bit more fun while we wait for Annabelle's exit visa.

Good night....our flight leaves mid morning...but will 7 suitcases, a toddler and an excited 6 year old...we plan on getting up early.

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Diane said...

Happy and safe must be so very excited to start this step of your journey home!!!