Thursday, January 14, 2010

A True Oborn

Sorry for the delays in posting. Blogspot was down for the last two days...just when we were so happy to be posting!!

Annabelle was meant to be in our family. She eats like an Oborn and falls asleep with a spoon in her hand!

Things are going rather well. She woke up this morning with a big smile on her face and thinks it really funny that I'm now the diaper changer. She is happy to be with us, beams that smile of hers and is having fun following Yannik around. They even raced in the apt. this afternoon. Tons of giggles. Yannik is doing well too. He is quite attentive to Anna. It's fun to see each other sharing with the other...wonder if that will continue...hope so. They are really playing well together....but we're making sure that Yannik has time to do "his thing" too.

Annabelle does not appear not to be a fussy eater... basically eats everything in front of her and then nods her head for more ;0) I think we will take good advice from a good friend (thanks Lynne): give her less, more often. So far, she seeks me for everything. Sven keeps trying to win her heart by feeding her..but then I get the diaper ;0)) I told him that he was doing that on purpose ;0)) Ah ha ha! He is loving that. We do have to find a little potty. They told us that she is already accustomed to it...Bonus! We weren't prepared for we had nothing at the apt.

We were supposed to go to a puppet show this afternoon but thought it best to try to continue with her routine - so the nap took precedence.

One thing that we did notice is her babbling. I've never heard her babble so much...good sign. Felt like she was yodling this Anna... not Swiss, Swedish!

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