Friday, January 22, 2010

Strolling about

What does one do to entertain a toddler when you can't go outside because it is so bitterly cold? Stroll about the appartment of course! We took Annabelle for a test drive...and now that is all she wants to do. Let me just tell you that our apt. is you can figure out how bored she (or we) should be - to be honest, we are bored...but not her...around and around we go...each taking our turn. We did that for about 1 hour last night and 1 hour this morning.

Annabelle also insists of wearing her new boots in the apt. Have to say, can't blame her...she is sporting more fashionable footwear than I am ;0)) A lady and her shoes...she is just too funny!


Yael said...

So the stroller is useful!!!

Philippe said...

Looks like Yannik is enjoying his new role too!

Astana soooooon then Kanada!