Thursday, January 21, 2010

Say Papa, get a cookie!

Sven makes me laugh. We have been restricting Annabelle's diet until we get back home and get her tested for allergies. The doctors here think she has an intollerance to sugar. Sven has been adamant about the diet....until today. She wanted a desert and I thought poor kid...let her have just one... and Sven wasn't too keen until he tried: "Say Papa and get a cookie" - She has been saying Mama very clearly now for some time - Well, Anna complied and very clearly said "papa, papa". Boy did she get that cookie!!! Now, Miss Annabelle is one smart "cookie" (pardon the pun)... bet you we will be hearing "Papa, papa", alot more from now on!

As for me....if you can't beat them...join them. I have resigned myself to stay in bed while Anna naps during the day. Sven is the butler - providing food, drink and entertainment while I am "Anna's mattress". Last night, she slept from 7 pm to 9 am since she had hardly napped. I think it's better to just give in to her for now....and hope that she will eventually be comfortable enough to sleep beside me. I don't think that this is likely to happen until we get back home.

Finally, as for Yannik...he is the guardian of the kitchen and takes his role very seriously!!! Annabelle is not allowed in there without supervision. She is doing much better with the food....eating more slowly and accepting when it is done. We are making sure that she has snacks in between meals so that she knows that there will always be food.

We are switching gears now. Sven brought in the suitcases and we are preparing for our journey to Astana. We may be able to leave as early as Sunday, but def. by next Tuesday.


Philippe said...

Astana here you come! So excited for you guys to be starting your journey back home! :)
PS cookies and chocolate always worked for me too!

Mishelle said...

Sounds like you're doing a great job with the sleeping. It will get better! I went through much the same thing with my 5 year old (now 9). Hang in there :)


Dean and Janie said...

I just love your story. It is so heart-warming and touching. Our turn is coming up soon. Blessings for a safe trip home. The Hollands
Tennessee, USA

Michele said...

Yannik is a great supervisor of the kitchen. Can I borrow him to keep me from going into my kitchen and snacking between meals? ;-)

I think you will be hearing a lot more "Papa" in the future. I hope you have lots of treats for Annabelle. It is wonderful that she is able to understand so much so quickly, a very smart little girl.

Diane said...

Such a sweet picture of Annabelle sleeping on you, I know it's tiring when you can't move,but it's so sweet.

Cookies still work for me!